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The contract reinforces the new driver′s need to be responsible, touching on topics that range from curfews to passenger; limits and setting the stage for safe and responsible driving.

Parents, test your knowledge of Florida Laws for teen drivers by taking FL DHSMV Parent Test.

With driver safety as the top priority, our award-winning defensive driving course offers a state-approved, online Traffic Law and Alcohol course that is required by Florida Law.

In a driving test you will be asked to undertake a series of manoeuvres.Text lessons make up the foundation of our course, and they are enhanced with interactive teaching tools, graphics, videos and audio clips.The combination serves to keep your teen′s interest as well as get students directly involved in the learning process.Such a contract establishes the ground rules for driving and the consequences when the rules are broken.We offer a free Parent-Teen Driving Agreement with each TLSAE course, which you can use and adapt as needed.

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