Consolidating student loans cfnc

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During your post-college years, you begin to build a career and establish credit.

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"Date Made" is the date the lender disbursed the first (or only) installment of loan proceeds by check or EFT.

Federal Direct Loans can be Direct Subsidized Loans or Direct Unsubsidized Loans.

The difference is, that if you demonstrate financial need after completing the FAFSA, the federal government will pay interest on your Direct Subsidized Loan while you are in school at least half-time, in a grace period or a deferment period. If you have an existing student or parent loan with CFI, information about your loan is available at the links below or by calling 866-866-CFNC or 800-722-2838 (repayment) or emailing [email protected]

Click the FAFSA link to the left if you wish to apply now.

Information you have stored in My CFNC will be used to help complete your FAFSA.

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