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They then disappeared but Mr Jacobovici claims to have tracked them down to a lab on Tel Aviv where a forensic anthropologist has been studying them from the past 15 years.

The nails, he said, were sent to the lab by the Antiquities Authority.

Just as the high priest entered the Temple and offered the sacrifice of goats, so too, does Christ enter the heavenly sanctuary and offer the sacrifice of Himself to the Father on behalf of our sins.

The high priest of Yom Kippur is a ‘type’ of the true and eternal high priest of Christ in heaven.

Jesus chose these major Jewish feasts to fulfill the central parts of His mission.

As the catechism teaches, “His public ministry itself was patterned by His pilgrimages to Jerusalem for the great Jewish feasts.” (CCC 583) Jesus was formed by the feasts, and in fact, the central events of His life gave ultimate meaning to the feasts.

"And since Caiaphas is only associated with Jesus's crucifixion, you put two and two together and they seem to imply that these are the nails." His thesis relies largely on the circumstances in which the nails were found and he admitted that he cannot be 100 per cent certain that they were used in Christ's crucifixion, but said the evidence was "compelling".) Calvary, of course, was sacramentalized in the Last Supper.The Mass became the feast of the new and eternal covenant."If you accept that this is the tomb of Caiaphas and if you accept that these nails came from that tomb, given that Caiaphas is only associated with the crucifixion of Jesus they very well could be those nails," he said.The nails were discovered in the first century tomb in 1990 during construction work on a hillside a few miles south of Jerusalem's Old City.

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