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The meteor, however, does not hit Earth, instead passing it and exploding in orbit.When the dust clears, a strange building-like spaceship is present on the Earth.Slug's men eventually bring the Dragon Balls back to base and summon the Eternal Dragon, Shenron.The elderly Slug wishes for eternal youth, which is granted, and he launches a pod into space, where it summons dark clouds to cover the sky, blocking out the sunlight, modifying the atmosphere to accommodate Slug and his men, while proving deadly for the human race.

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Slug eventually grabs Goku and starts to crush him, but Piccolo, knowing his own weaknesses, intervenes and pulls on Slug's antennae.

Slug drops Goku and grabs Piccolo in his hands, preparing to kill him instead.

Meanwhile, at the Capsule Corporation compound, Bulma and her father discover that a meteor is heading toward the Earth and will most likely destroy the planet upon impact.

Amidst mass panic throughout the Earth, Goku and Krillin rush to intercept the meteor, blasting it with Kamehameha waves, but fail to damage it.

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