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The excerpts represent about 25 percent of the logs.

Portions of the chats that discuss deeply personal information about Manning or that reveal apparently sensitive military information are not included.

Manning didn't provide a lot of detail, but he pointed to one cable (a "test") that Wikileaks already published.

He didn't elaborate on what he meant by "test."( PM) Manning: i cant believe what im confessing to you :'(( PM) Manning: ive been so isolated so long...

and yet the depth so rich( PM) Lamo: give me some bona fides ... any specifics.( PM) Manning: this one was a test: Classified cable from US Embassy Reykjavik on Icesave dated ( PM) Manning: the result of that one was that the icelandic ambassador to the US was recalled, and fired( PM) Manning: thats just one cable...( PM) Lamo: Anything unreleased? i dont want to be a part of it In this chat, Manning discussed his role as a source for Wikileaks and his interactions with its enigmatic founder, Julian Assange.

( PM) Manning: i'd have to ask assange( PM) Manning: i zerofilled the original( PM) Lamo: why do you answer to him? He also talked about two videos he claimed he provided Wikileaks – one of an airstrike in Iraq in 2007, which he said he gave Wikileaks in February and which Wikileaks said it spent three months decrypting before publishing it this last April; and another video taken during an air strike in Afghanistan in 2009, which Wikileaks has acknowledged it possesses but has not yet published.

( PM) Adrian Lamo [AUTO-REPLY]: Tired of being tired( PM) Manning: ? Lamo asked him for details on what scandals the cables might expose.i was trying to figure out who was following him... and he was telling me stories of other times he's been followed...and they matched up with the ones he's said publicly( PM) Lamo: did that bear out? ( PM) Manning: based on the description he gave me, I assessed it was the Northern Europe Diplomatic Security Team...i just wanted to be nice, and live a normal life...but events kept forcing me to figure out ways to survive...

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