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We are also very well informed about what fitness and what regime to go through which they didn't have. India have, in fact, equalled their biggest win-margin in Test cricket (by innings). They just shake hands, a couple of them pluck out a few stumps. He scrapes off the mud with the help of a bail before he walks off. Chandimal c Ashwin b U Yadav 61(82) [4s-10]U Yadav to Chandimal, THAT'S OUT!! Ashwin to Lakmal, no run, Ashwin goes up in appeal as Saha gathers this down the leg-side. Easy two Ashwin to Lakmal, SIX, he has absolutely hammered this into the sightscreen. Those long hands of Lakmal muscling through the line of the ball once he got to the pitch of it.

So it is unfair to compare, but I am extremely happy where I have got in my career so far. I have not bowled a lot of carrom balls in the last 24 months. India spent the next couple of days toying with Sri Lanka, compounding their misery, and racking up truckloads of runs with Kohli, Pujara, Vijay, Rohit - all of them scaling milestones of some kind or another. They just had nothing left when their batsmen took the field the second time round. Local Time, GMT, IST: The clock has just tipped past 1pm, and that's all it's taken to bundle Sri Lanka out today. The pad is well away from the ball, so if it's anything, it has to be bat. Excellent use of the feet to set it up U Yadav to Chandimal, FOUR, bat comes down at an angle, and the inside edge fizzes past leg stump.

Ishant, bends low in his followthrough, can't latch onto it. Rahul, at mid-on, ran back, settled under it and took the skyer with both hands. Shanaka c Rahul b Ashwin 17(8) [4s-1 6s-2]Ashwin to Shanaka, THAT'S OUT!! He played with soft hands there and hence the ball rolled away Ashwin to Shanaka, SIX, in the air and six!

In and out Ashwin to Chandimal, FOUR, leg-break to finish the over. Once again, nowhere close to the middle, but has enough wings to go all the way.

I have worked on different releases of the carrom ball and different loading positions. Did stay a touch low from Yadav, but not as much as Chandimal suggested there.

With us traveling more, more subtlety is important. He was done in by the inward slant Ashwin to Lakmal, no run, tosses it up outside off, Lakmal drives to the left of point where substitute Vijay Shankar makes a diving stop. Here's Ashwin looking for his milestone A session that was completely dominated by the hosts. Seven wickets in the session and most of them courtesy to loose shots.

The hand speed is obviously important, me and Jaddu, both of us bowl at an ideal speed and that helps. Grip, turn, squares Gamage up and flicks off-stump. Lakmal opted for the cut, which wasn't the ideal option with the ball coming in, and he's lucky that it just about misses off-stump U Yadav to Chandimal, out Caught by Ashwin!! They don't come any filthier than this delivery - a leg-stump stinker - and Chandimal has swung it straight down fine leg's throat. Weird review U Yadav to Chandimal, 2 runs, tailing back in this time, and Chandimal is unable to flick it along the ground.

We are a lot more blessed than what the other greats were with all the technology at our disposal. 300 Test wickets for Ashwin, becoming the fastest bowler to get there in Test history. He doesn't even know how to react as he walks back, nor does Umesh who gets to 99 Test wickets. But he manages to flick it past short mid-wicket and wide of the fielder in the deep.

This wicket was good to bat on for the first three days. But if you have no runs on the board, they can't do anything.

My fitness also helped me to push harder, bat for longer periods. It has been a longer break than I have been used to in the last 8-9 years.

We would like to think that we want to prepare for that (South Africa tour). I didn't take much wickets when I was playing, especially the last few matches at home. At this moment that's what matters - how you are going to pick wickets and all about the tactics.

And even the overseas assignments they have next year. It was on the slower side but there was nothing much happening. When we speak of combinations for the future, Rohit will definitely be in the fray. Kolkata was a very nice wicket, something we ideally want to have before South Africa. So, everyone needs to be on their toes and perform whenever you get a chance.

But they'll first have to get through another Test match with Sri Lanka before completely dedicating their focus towards sterner assignments. I just wanted to bat the way I wanted to - get into good positions and keep rotating strike. Get the runs quickly so we have time to bowl the opposition out, something we'll have to do on tours. I know how much it hurts for him to have missed so many Tests in the recent past. Bhuvi has played a lot of cricket for India in the recent few months. I think it is a pretty good competition, a healthy competition, especially with the way everyone is performing.

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