Goreshto mace online dating

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Johnny Lee’s rendition of the popular country hit “Looking for Love” probably sums up the dating life of many Americans.

Desperate for love and finding they have just too little time to meet a potential partner, millions have turned to online dating.

By David Nelson, CFA“Tell me your secrets.” My heart jumped as I read the first line of her email.

We were two souls searching, destined to find each other.

Sites like and e Harmony have been around for some time but today there are countless new choices catering to almost every segment of our society.

Social Media now plays a big role with some of the largest like Facebook hooking up with Zoosk, an online dating app.

They are creating the bond and connection that will be a valuable asset when they strike looking to cash in.The truth is the numbers are significantly larger and probably impossible to calculate.Victims are reluctant to come forward because they are either too embarrassed or unwilling to believe they’ve been taken.An eventual date or in person meeting isn’t necessary for those preying on the vulnerable to complete their crime.As a matter of fact a personal encounter almost never takes place especially since most are directing their operations from an overseas location.

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