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The marks are given for the total number and quality of discussions you had during the course.

That means the more active you are the better your score will be.

Discussions are time consuming, but, you will notice that the new information you are gaining through the forum is enormous.

When you discuss a topic in the forum, you can enter your key learning points in your personal portfolio.

Here are some examples on how distance learning assessment works in practice. For example, if the main subject is Diabetes, this is split up into types of diabetes, causes of diabetes, prevention of diabetes, etc.

Similarly, the subject chosen by you will also be divided into other smaller discussion topics.

You will probably be more relaxed and you will be able to get up and leave the room whenever you want.

A final mark is usually calculated at the end of the term over your performance.

An example would be 20% on your performance in the discussions, 30% for your assignment, 30% for your portfolio and 20% for the MCQs (final exam).

Your tutors will check your entries every week and will comment on the material.

For each course, you need to complete one assignment on a topic which will be given to you by the tutor.

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