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Matt Frewer’s earned a planeload of frequent flyer points.

He’s recurring on NBC’s new series TIMELESS in Vancouver and ART OF MORE, opposite Dennis Quaid in Montreal.

Amitai Marmorstein has been a busy guy, as he went from a supporting lead opposite Arnold Schwarzenegger on WHY WE’RE KILLING GUNTHER, to recurring on WAYWARD PINES, plus a supporting role on COP AND A HALF.

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Anne Wheeler is currently shooting Hallmark’s STOP THE WEDDING, then heading to Vancouver Island to direct multiple episodes of a new Hallmark series.

Agnes Tong, John Callander and Marcus Sim are recurring on ROMEO SECTION.

Nick Hunnings just wrapped a five episode arc on ROGUE.

Beverley Elliott sang “Sweet Dreams”, there was an actors versus agents lip sync battle and a 80’s drag medley. Turner was feted as the longest-serving client by Richard Lucas and Eric Edwards and a sizable donation to PAL Vancouver was made.

The festivities were hosted by our hilarious Devon Alexander.

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