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‘It’s an outdated, archaic concept,’ he says, ‘and if we inflict this violence we will sow the seeds of violence in them.’Sir Roger Singleton, former Government chief adviser on the safety of children, and Ann Cryer, former MP for Keighley, want the law to change to ban physical punishment in supplementary classes, as it does in full-time schools. ‘We wouldn’t allow this to happen to white kids going to Sunday schools.’We approached the Darul Uloom Islamic High School in Birmingham with the findings of our film.

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From what we could see, every ¬single blow was pretty much unprovoked. The behaviour of the boys, the way they flinched and backed away when he approached, indicated that they were long-accustomed to being hit and kicked as they studied.

He’d just get angry and lash out.’Osman’s young cousins go to the same madrassas he attended and told him the beatings were still continuing.

This persuaded Osman to try to reveal the truth behind the private world of faith schools.

Salma eventually withdrew her children from attending madrassas for a completely different reason: she learned that they were being taught an intolerant version of Islam.

‘They were using terms like “Kaffir” just because somebody isn’t of the same religion,’ she says, ‘and I’m teaching my children to integrate and not be racist so I pulled my children out.’Dr Hargey told me he set up this school because of claims that Muslim parents had made to him about beatings in other madrassas.

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