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Initially I took some silly risks and stole some hosiery, panties and slips them from my aunts washing baskets or from neighbourhood clothes lines; this was also risky, so once I had a few items I stopped doing this and just took whatever mom or my aunties threw out in the trash.

Once I was old enough to earn my own money I stopped taking anything at all and purchased my own lingerie, hosiery and shoes.

You could say that mom's style of dressing became mine; at least as far as my fetish went.

I am not the only one that likes the way my mom dresses; she had her fair share of suitors.

That said; at sometime I developed sexual feelings for her lingerie and footwear.

I can't remember when I first started dressing in mom's nylons and heels but I know I knew I shouldn't be doing it and soon realised I would get caught if I kept dressing in her clothes.

Mom has occasionally stayed out all night but as I got older I was not naïve enough to think my mom was not having sex.

Pantyhose were easy to buy; I just threw them in with the weekly groceries when it was my turn to do the shopping; the cashier just naturally assumed they are for my mom.

Likewise I learnt that if I approached the attendants at the various lingerie shops I could ask them to assist me to purchase lingerie and shoes "for my girlfriend".

Mom is very much focussed and goal oriented and is not really concerned about other people's opinions of her anyway.

I like the way my mom dresses and when I was still in the habit of borrowing her lingerie I particularly liked that she had such a nice assortment of underwear and shoes for me to borrow.

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