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Example Price and Volume Order: You set a Conditional Order to buy 300 ANZ shares if the ANZ share price rises to ‘Greater than or equal to’ .10.

If the stock reaches .10, your Conditional Order triggers, we vet your order and place a limit order in the market for you to Buy 300 ANZ shares at .13*.

We will vet your order details for available stock holdings or funds, etc, and will place a buy or sell order to market.

Conditional Orders triggered by an upward trend (selecting "Greater than or equal to" criteria) and accepted by us for buying a Security, will be placed into the market at 3 price steps higher than the last sale price at the time the Conditional Order Triggered, unless you have specified a maximum limit price.

If you are not a client, you will need to open an account and then register to use Conditional Orders.

Cost of Conditional Orders Using just Trigger Price simply means your Conditional Order will trigger at that exact price and send a buy or sell order to market.

The order will not trigger if the stock price remains above the set Trigger Price.If the price reaches or surpasses the upper limit then your outstanding order will not be triggered.This Conditional Order is for a stock falling in price.During market open time there can be a large amount of trading activity that can cause unusual movements in a company’s share price.The Delay after Market Open setting will stop your Conditional Order triggering for up to the first hour of trading.

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