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Months later, when a Sporting News reporter asked how the probation was affecting his driving, Busch replied, “It refrains me from not beating the shit out of you right now because you ask me stupid questions.” “That kind of anger will eat you up,” Driscoll said in a 2012 documentary about his career.She later testified in family court that during that time, Busch turned his anger on her and once assaulted her.She also said he pulled the seat belt around her neck and then let it go, which he has denied.At a fork in the road, somewhere between “Departures” and the “Rent-a-Car” return, he pulled over.

Five days later, on September 26, 2014, she texted him: “I hope you’re OK.” His response troubled her: “I’m crying laying on the floor,” he wrote.She parked outside Busch’s motor home, punched in the key code for the door and entered with her son.She found Busch at the back of the bus, in his king-size bed, naked.Back home, at around a.m., she invited over a neighbor, who later testified that Driscoll’s neck was red, suggesting she’d been choked. At one point, she went over to a mirror and examined her neck, where she says bruises were starting to appear.She took photos (submitted in court, they can be seen here, here and here) and says she thought about how a friend had died at the hands of a man.

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