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George Mason University was one of those investigated, its student newspaper did a story, and I followed that up with a blog post.This led to an ongoing conversation between me and Christopher Doyle, a licensed professional counselor and the head of Voice of the Voiceless, based in Bristow.Our goal is not to change gays, but to offer an alternative for those who believe they are inherently heterosexual and experience unwanted homosexual feelings.So if SOCE is not “brainwashing” or “praying away the gay,” what is it?How much we value the right of free speech is put to its severest test when the speaker is someone we disagree with most. this is particularly true at universities, whose mission is to facilitate learning through open debate and study, and to enlighten.Speech that deeply offends our morality or is hostile to our way of life warrants the same constitutional protection as other speech because the right of free speech is indivisible: When one of us is denied this right, all of us are denied . Speech codes are not the way to go on campuses, where all views are entitled to be heard, explored, supported or refuted.” What were some of the problems with the APA’s Task Force Report on SOCE therapy?A large part of the Campus Climate Report is dedicated to correcting these stereotypes and educating LGBTQ Resource Centers about what SOCE therapy really is…I think it’s also important for these counselors to understand that SOCE therapy is only recommended for students who are questioning or have unwanted SSA – practicing SOCE therapy with a client who is secure in their gay identity can be problematic, in my opinion.If these counselors can accept that SOCE therapy is an option for some, but not all, same-sex attracted individuals, then it might be viewed differently.

There are many different approaches to SOCE therapy, and the model I use at the International Healing Foundation is to: 1) Identify the root causes of the client’s SSA; 2) Resolve those issues with the client in therapy; and 3) Help the client receive unmet emotional needs from the same gender in non-sexual relationships with heterosexual friends.Last fall, a group called Voice of the Voiceless announced that they had performed an undercover investigation of Virginia’s public universities to see if their counseling centers for gay and lesbian centers were discussing “conversion therapy”: therapy that would help a person who didn’t want to be homosexual switch to heterosexual.The investigation found that option was rarely offered and usually discouraged.When that emotional intimacy is experienced, it’s amazing to the client, because they have rarely or never experienced it before!Over time, emotional fulfillment with same gender friends takes the place of sexual eroticism, and having now bonded with the same gender, opposite sex attractions begin to emerge.

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