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Sexting, text messaging, instant messaging, sending or receiving nude photographs or video, of or to a minor, will likely lead to your arrest for an Internet Sex Crime.If you have been arrested for an Internet Sex Crime or suspect that you may be under investigation for a crime such as Sexual Exploitation of a Minor or Possession or Viewing Child Pornography it is important that you speak with an attorney experienced in handling sexual offenses and who has the skills and knowledge necessary to truly understand the technology which will be used in prosecuting you in your Internet Sex Crime and to successfully defend you and your rights.When a person is working through recovery to sexual addiction, several types of triggers may spark a relapse, similar to the process of recovery for people working through substance abuse addictions.Triggers for sexual addiction can include feelings of anger, sadness or high levels of stress and anxiety.Once an allegation has been disclosed or communications or electronic communications have been discovered an indictment will certainly follow.Detectives are trained to not immediately arrest a person they believe to have committed a crime, but to first gather as much incriminating evidence as they can for future use in Court.


Triggers that can bring a person back into relapse can include both emotional and physical factors.For people with sexual addiction, sometimes called hypersexuality, it is believed that sex becomes a way of coping with negative emotions or is related to an inability to form close intimate relationships.Sexual addiction can be manifested through behaviors like sex with multiple partners, obsessive sexual thoughts, compulsive masturbation or excessive pornography use.John Milazo of the Franklin, TN Law Firm of Milazo Law, P. located in Williamson County, has more than 14 years of experience defending people like you who may be facing serious felony charges for Sex Crimes stemming from the Internet and other electronic communications.To meet with John Milazo and to discuss the details of your particular situation Contact Us at (615) 599-7719 and we will determine the best defense strategy to protect you from prosecution in your matter.

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