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Rights issues between Universal and Marvel seem to have any future Hulk standalone movie trapped in limbo, but we should get a pretty nice dose of the Green Goliath in other movies.Speaking of standalone movies and rights issues and whatnot, the Marvel deal with Sony, who has long held the license to Spider-Man, allows for the incredibly well received Tom Holland to make another Marvel Studios appearance in , which will arrive in theaters two months after Infinity War.If ever there were a time to kill, recast, and/or reboot Avengers senior staffers, it seems like , so that's a definite movie possibility.

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It seems like every iteration of the character has been some sort of a riff on Robert Downey Jr.'s performance since 2008, whether it's in cartoons or video games.

Now with that being said, speculation has run wild as to just how long Downey will want to hang onto the role.

It seems like only yesterday that Marvel Studios was getting started with a hero that was, let's face it, merely C-list at the time.

After years of film and TV properties of varying degrees of quality, which saw Marvel's heroes tied up in various licensing deals with different studios, director Jon Favreau publicly wondered how the grounded real world of Tony Stark could possibly co-exist with the mythological realm of Asgard, but by the time Thor, Captain America, and Hulk joined the MCU with their own standalone movies, Marvel's brought it all together and smashed box office records in the process.

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