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#301 JACOB'S LADDER~ Historical folk toy , popular since the days of colonial America.Also known as 'tumbling blocks,' the Jacob's Ladder was also known as a 'Sunday toy,' as it was one of only a few toys that children were permitted to play with on Sundays. #302 BUZZ SAW~ One of the most popular America folk toys of all time.Details about the alleged history of abusive behavior are surfacing as State Police investigate a domestic violence incident on the morning of Nov.10 when Morse's wife, Brenda, called 911 and told a dispatcher that her husband "grabbed her by the throat and threw her to the ground," according to a police record.Features a wooden mallet, chisel, saw, 6" ruler, cedar pencil and cloth carrying bag.Relive those pioneer construction days with this appealing tool set!The Times Union is not identifying the woman because she is an alleged victim of domestic violence.Two people close to the woman, including a local businesswoman, and a third person with knowledge of the incident, said the woman called Cohoes police multiple times in the mid-1990s to report abusive behavior by Morse, including allegations that he grabbed her, spit on her and destroyed property inside the Grant Street apartment where she lived at the time. It was a helpless and hopeless situation," said the businesswoman, who spoke to the Times Union on the condition she not be identified.

A 'woodland' trill can also be mastered by opening and closing the hole at the end of the whistle.

Always a favorite in gift shops.#305 SLINGSHOT~ Favorite 'catapult' American folk toy that has been a favorite for centuries and was certainly very popular in the mountainous regions of the United States.

Packaged with target for safe play.#307 CHILDREN'S EARLY AMERICAN TOOL SET~ Popular toy set for boys.

Simply wind the cord around the top and toss it toward the ground, release the string, and watch it spin. Includes instructions for several spinning top games.#322 SPOOL TRACTOR~ An early 20th -century self-propelled American folk toy, powered by a rubber band.

Simply wind the toy up, set it on the floor and watch it move!

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